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Data Processing

Builds highly-targeted marketing partnerships between publishers and e-commerce sites that help both parties grow and maintain stronger audiences.

What We Offer?

We’re able to deliver a smooth customer experience that builds loyalty for both the publisher and retailer.

  • Magazine Clearing
  • Subscription Processing Management Software (4STAR)
  • Reporting
  • Customer Service
  • IT Support


Why am I getting this magazine?

While there are many possible reasons, the most common reasons are below:

  • A magazine previously subscribed to may have gone out of business, and their subscribers begin to receive a replacement magazine.
  • You may be receiving a “sponsored” Subscription from a merchant you made a purchase from in the past, and included with your order a magazine subscription.
  • Gift subscription from a friend or relative
  • In combination with a merchant loyalty program, Credit card rewards program, or an airline rewards program.

If you do not wish to receive a particular magazine, you may unsubscribe HERE.


Be An Agent

Be an Agent

SDP requires several documents to become an agent of SDP. Downloads require Microsoft Word. If you need these emailed or faxed to you, please call SDP at 877-737-6247, fax documents to 970-663-7052.

4Star System

Automate your magazine sales and collections with 4STAR. Streamline your business saving you time and money while reducing your customer response time.